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The Self Help Concept

The Self Help Group approach is based on 2 basic principles:

1. Every human being has tremendous, God-given potential. This hidden potential in the poor can be unleashed if the right environment is provided.
Society has pushed certain sections of her people to the Margin saying that they are “No good”. These vulnerable and marginalised sections slowly accept and internalize the state they are thrown into. The SHG process helps them question this state and come out of it step by step.

2. As an individual the poor are voiceless, powerless and vulnerable. By bringing them together as a homogenous collective aware of their rights, they have tremendous strength.
The SHG approach is all about rebuilding strong and homogenous communities thereby bringing people together and empowering them. “Value systems” that were broken and abandoned are systematically restored in the community
.

Success Stories

Faith Mutheu is a single mother struggling to raise her 5-year old daughter Kate. Faith and Kate live in Pumuvani, one of the large slums in Nairobi, Kenya. Faith used to work as a casual worker in the industrial area near the slum. Work was not regular. She used to earn KES 100 (USD 1.30) per day for the hard work put in whenever she was hired. She could hardy find jobs 100 days in a year. After joining a SHG in April 2006 she started saving regularly. She saw her fellow group members taking loans and starting their own business. Read More...

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Appropriate Technology

Technology has played a major role in mainstream development. One would dread to think of our life without some of the technological gadgets that we have become accustomed to. However, when it comes to poor communities in poor countries they have hardly any access to technology or its benefits. Read More...